Rodent Exclusion & Control

Rodent Season – Each year when the weather starts to get cold, mice want to move into your warm home to get away from the harsh elements. Last week on October 10th, we experienced our area’s first frost. The growing season has come to an end for 2016. Rodents are mammals like you and I. They want a warm home (shelter) and food. It’s a myth that they only come in this time of the year to get out of the cold. The truth is some of them may have been in your home year round. We provide dozens of Pest Control treatments this summer with mice and rats in July when it was 90 degrees outside. Peak rodent activity is during weather change. Fall-Winter, and Winter-Spring.

House mouse

Commensal rodents are Norway Rats, Roof rats and the House mouse. They are called commensal rodents, referring to the fact that they live at man’s expense without giving anything in return. They live close to man, because our home becomes their shelter. With a hole slightly larger than 1/4″, They come in and out without being noticed at times.

This year seems to be the year of the rodent. I seem to have taken care of more homes for the house mouse and field mouse, than Carpenter ants or roaches. We had a mild winter last year. Rodent populations exploded throughout the year. Many of the homes I treated have some poor builders gaps or entry points not tightly sealed up. Pest Control vs. Pest Elimination may be the only affordable measure. Recently, I treated several old farm homes with stone foundations. These homes have hundreds of gaps, some that are completely inaccessible. Our Pest Solution will control the mice from getting out of control in your home.

Family Pest Solutions will inspect your home and access the problem. We customize every home based on your family’s needs. Exclusion methods are used to try and stop them mice from re-entering. Humane traps are used on the inside to remove mice that are caught. It’s important to inspect the attics and crawlspaces if they are accessible. Every home will get an invoice after treatment, showing what was done, and what you can do to help eliminate conducive conditions.

Rodents spread disease, damage property and give you the creeps.

Use caution when cleaning up after rodents. I wear gloves and wash my hands throughout the day. Use a 10% bleach mixture as a disinfectant. Where you can see physical droppings, there is also an invisible sign (urine). Keep yourself and Family safe..