Not a Creature was Stirring, Not Even a Mouse

‘Twas the night before Christmas, and all through the house, not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse. Hopefully because there were no mice in the house to begin with!

The holidays can be a magical time filled with family traditions, seasonal dishes, memories and giving and laughter and joy. In the midst of all of the excitement, it can be easy to forget all about potential household problems until they crash the party. Mice, while they can be cute to some people, are disease vectors capable of promptly ruining your holiday season (and your fresh batch of sugar cookies) unless proper precautions are taken to avoid their presence. Keep your holidays cheerful and mouse-free this holiday season by following these easy tips:

  1. Keep Food Contained – Holiday baking is a blast! However, if leftover sugar, flour, chocolate chips and the likes aren’t in proper, sealed containers you may have more to worry about than them going bad. Mice are indoors for two things: warmth and food. Don’t make it easy for them to get to your food supplies. And don’t assume they can’t or won’t get into high places. Solid containers that they can’t chew through are a best choice, but at minimum keeping bags completely sealed will help keep them from finding the food source.
  2. Avoid Clutter ­– We know that the holiday season can make this one difficult between gift wrapping, family visitors and extra decorations being out. However, mice will find your clutter to be a welcoming gift you didn’t intent to leave them. Piles of unattended wrapping paper and open boxes can turn into a nice warm bed faster than you can say Kris Kringle.
  3. Watch the Exits – Don’t let your decorations create any extra gaps around the entry points of your home. A mouse can fit into a hole the size of a pencil eraser, so while you may not notice the draft, you could be inviting in an unwelcomed holiday guest.

If you do experience an invasion of merry mice, give us a call! Family Pest Solutions offers complete rodent extermination services. However, we go beyond just extermination, and include exclusion methods to prevent rodents from re-entering your home. We use humane traps to catch and remove rodents, and we also perform inspections and offer tips that will help you prevent rodents from re-infesting your home.

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