Boo! Scary Pests to Watch Out For

Happy October! While this month is known for plenty of spooks and startles, scary pests are something we all want to avoid. We all know that termites can cause major home damage and wasps are capable of inflicting pain. However, in our world there are a few scary pests that aren’t so well known that can cause some scary damage to your home. Along with termites, keep an eye out for these three major home invaders:

Powder Post Beetles

These troublesome insects lay their eggs in tiny cracks or pores in wood and then use the wood as a food source once they’ve hatched. They are known for creating tunnels in the wood as they feed, and remaining for two to five years until they’ve matured. Powder post beetles present a serious threat to the structural integrity of the home.

What to Look Out For

A powder post beetle infestation can present itself in a number of ways. The biggest red flag that many homeowners notice is the trail of sawdust they tend to leave call “frass”. When this is paired with the appearance of tiny holes in wood and/or the sound of larvae feeding in the wood it’s time to give us a call.

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Carpenter Ants

Carpenter ants are another pest that can wreak havoc on the wooden structures in your home. What sets carpenter ants apart from other wood-boring pests is that they are known for feeding specifically on decaying wood. Therefore their presence is usually indicative of a moisture issue as well.

What to Look Out For

Similar to a powder post infestation, carpenter ants can be known for leaving sawdust trails and making plenty of noise as they bustle around inside your walls. Two telltale signs of this pest are when the wood in your home sounds hollow if knocked on and finding their wings laying around.

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This particular type of pest may contribute to both damage to your home and health hazards for humans making it especially scary. The term rodent can refer to multiple types of pests that all present similar issues. Rodents are a problem because they can bring ticks and diseases inside the home, contaminate your food supply, create bedding and nests out of your belongings and leave droppings all over. They can also chew electrical wires (create fire hazards), move insulation (leave areas of your home unprotected from weather and other pests) and stain surfaces that will need to be replaced from defecation (breeding grounds for disease).

What to Look Out For

Rodents will often give themselves away with droppings, which can typically be found around food or in closed spaces. Some other tell-tale signs of a rodent problem include finding shreds of materials like plants or paper, bite holes in food packaging or holes in your walls that were not previously there. Given the myriad of issues a rodent infestation can cause, it’s paramount to give us a call at the first signs of an infestation so that we can use a multi-pronged approach to ridding your home of these pests.

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