Pests to Watch Out for in the Spring

As temperatures warm up and spring begins to emerge, some pests and insects start to become more active. During winter, many insects and pests lie dormant but in the spring they reemerge to mate and sometimes can invade your home. Here is a list of specific pests to watch out for this spring:


Probably the most dreaded pest of spring and summer, mosquitoes emerge as soon as the temperatures reach 50o Fahrenheit. They play an essential role in the ecosystem by being food to some organisms and controlling animal populations by spreading disease. However, that disease can be spread to humans too and that’s when they become a pest. Your property is best treated for mosquitoes between May and September.


Ants may have moved into your home during the fall to avoid the dropping temperatures. During the winter, adults lay dormant by slowing down bodily functions. However much of the ant population over the winter were larvae and will emerge as the temperatures rise. Our homes provide easy access to food and shelter to this new population. Carpenter ants are a big concern as they can cause structural damage to your home.


Earwigs are an unsightly insect that is very prevalent in the springtime. Before winter set in, adults laid eggs that were then insulated by snow and will hatch with the increase in temperature. They often invade gardens, garages, and homes. The population is quite profound, and even though no harm comes from them to the home or humans, they are quite annoying.


When the weather warms, termites emerge in swarms to mate. You might notice this most often after a rain storm or around lights such as street lamps. Once they have mated, termites land, shed their wings, and find shelter to start a new colony. If they gain access to your home they can cause structural damage. This can go on for years unnoticed. Knowing the signs of termites can help you avoid this pest.

As always, if you’re having a problem with any of these pests contact us today to schedule a free inspection of your home. We service the greater Capital District area including Albany, Schenectady, Saratoga, and Rensselaer Counties.