Ways You May Be Unintentionally Encouraging Mosquito Population Growth

It’s officially mosquito season! They’re buzzing, they’re biting, and they’re annoying everyone trying to enjoy your backyard space. Is it possible you are an unknowing accomplice to the mosquito population around your home?

Mosquitoes need standing water to lay and hatch eggs. Adult female mosquitoes lay their eggs on the inner wet walls of areas holding water. Once the water level rises and covers the eggs, larvae will emerge and feed on microorganisms in the water. The larvae will soon become pupae, which will in turn become adult flying mosquitoes. The process then repeats and your mosquito population grows.

So where might these adult female mosquitoes find standing water? Well, you might be handing it to them. Five commons areas where standing water exists around homes include:

  1. Bird baths that don’t get a regular change of water
  2. Gutters that don’t get cleaned out
  3. Kiddie pools that are left right side up
  4. Old tires that are exposed to rain
  5. Rain barrels that are not covered

Reducing the mosquito-harboring conditions around your home is a great way to help prevent a growing mosquito population. For a more complete mosquito prevention plan, we recommend our exterior mosquito treatment which creates a barrier of protection.

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