Carpenter Ant Exterminator in Schenectady New York

Carpenter ants can be a major nuisance in your home. They can cause structural damage to buildings by creating galleries or hollowing out wood inside the building. In order to save yourself from doing expensive damage control over these carpenter ants’ behavior, let Family Pest Solutions in before it is too late. 

We offer thorough carpenter ant extermination in your home. It can take several rounds of treatment to fully exterminate a carpenter ant infestation. Even after we eliminate the existing carpenter ants, we suggest allowing us to handle maintenance and preventative steps to make sure that the remaining eggs and pupae do not cause another full-fledged infestation.

Five Star Reviews

    We use Family Pest Solutions on a regularly scheduled program and it has greatly reduced the number of bugs in and around our house. We had a lot of bees and nests in the past, and the interior had a very big fly problem especially in the fall and winter it is all gone now.

    Armand D.

    I highly recommend Jack and Family Pest Solutions. I contracted Family Pest Solutions for a pest inspection. Jack was very knowledgeable and gave me a detailed plan of action using the most up-to-date methods to treat my issue. Overall, I would recommend Family Pest Solutions to friends and family without hesitation.

    Pab V.

    I had a rather large and active nest of yellow jackets that is now no longer. Matt was professional and well-versed in what needed to be done. Jack and his team of pros are always focused on getting it right, well worth the price.

    Richard C.

    We've used Family Pest Solution for two years and couldn't be happier with them. Gary usually services our house and he's professional, kind, and always explains in detail what's going on. Glad to be on ongoing service with them to keep our home pest free!

    Britnee E.

    We had a large active wasp nest and they came the same day and took care of the entire problem. Huge thank you!

    Diana R.

    From helpful phone calls to quick and friendly service, this business is awesome! I was originally very worried about the process, having pests in the house is disgusting! They answered all my questions and reassured me. Everything went according to plan - arrived on time, reviewed what they would do and what to expect. Great people, I’d refer them to all!

    Maureen M.

    We had a great experience and a good laugh when they found where the squirrels were nesting and storing hundreds, yes hundreds of nuts in an old canning cellar that we did not use. Reasonable price, quick to set up service, friendly, and explained everything. This is the second service we have used and hands down would recommend them!

    Nancie S.

    Our technician was very knowledgeable and thorough upon inspection. He explained every detail of the work to be completed. I have total trust in this company and will definitely recommend them.

    Dianna B.

    This is the 2nd year they are doing treatment for ants. I found they are honest, punctual, and do a great job at very fair prices. I would tell anyone in need an exterminator to call them.

    Patricia W.

The Life Cycle of a Carpenter Ant

Carpenter ants begin their life in nuptial flight. This start to their life cycle happens towards the end of spring or beginning of summer. During the nuptial flight, carpenter ants mate.

Once the ants mate during the nuptial flight, the male ants die, and female ants begin looking for a place to build a colony. Once a queen carpenter ant finds a formidable structure (often a crack in the wood of a building), she seals the crack and begins to lay eggs.

After the eggs hatch and reach adulthood, this first generation begins maintaining the colony and taking care of eggs. Carpenter ants can infest your home slowly, taking up to six years and as little as three years to create a large colony inside your home.

Do I Have Carpenter Ants in My Albany Home?

Recognizing symptoms of a carpenter ant infestation in your home can be a little tricky, but with good eyes and ears you may be able to tell if you have a pest problem in your hands.

Here are some signs that carpenter ants may have taken over the woodwork in your home:

  • Wood in your home sounds hollow when it is knocked on
  • You may hear ants bustling about inside your walls
  • Carpenter ant wings laying on or near window sills and baseboards.
  • Sawdust trails (from the ants burrowing wood)

If you have any of these signs, please call Family Pest Control immediately or fill out the free estimate form on our website to get an estimate. If you’re unsure if you have an infestation, let us know and we can give you a professional diagnosis.

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How Can I Prevent Carpenter Ants From Invading My Home?

Whether you’ve had carpenter ants and we’ve exterminated them, or you are worried about an infestation, we have some tips that will help you prevent them from infesting your home’s structure.

Here’s what we recommend:

  • Identify and repair moisture problems like a leaky roof, or plumbing leaks.
  • Keep trees and branches trimmed away from your home, as these can be an expressway for carpenter ants.
  • If you have firewood, elevate it and keep it away from your home.
  • Seal any cracks around your foundation.
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Prevent Against Carpenter Ants

The best way to prevent carpenter ants is to give us a call and have us inspect your home for the pests. We can diagnose whether or not you may have an infestation on your hands, and offer solutions to exterminate and prevent a future infestation.

Family Pest Solutions offers carpenter ant pest control and extermination solutions to the greater Capital District, including Albany, Clifton Park, Schenectady, and Troy, New York.

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